“Where do Babies Come From?”

What do you say when your older child asks how the new baby is going to come out of your body?

You’re not a new mom. You’ve got this whole thing figured out. Your first child prepared you for what’s to come…..diaper blowouts, sleepless nights, Cheerios on the floor, morning cuddles and that first “I love you”.

But you were NOT prepared for THIS question!

“Mommy, how is Baby going to come out of your tummy?”

Here’s how we suggest you handle it, don’t forget to tell us how it went! We love your funny big kid stories.

  • Ask how he thinks baby will come out.

This serves a couple of purposes. First it gives you good blackmail material for age 17. Does he think baby comes out of your bellybutton, your back or your butt? Chances are, no matter what he guesses it’ll be wrong and really funny. This question also gives you an idea where he’s starting from and you can go from there.

  • Be truthful

She asked because she’s genuinely curious. Telling her the stork brings it probably won’t satisfy her curiosity and will most likely lead you down a rabbit hole of questions you aren’t prepared for. Just be honest.  “Girls have three holes, one for poop, one for pee and one for babies” typically does the trick.

  • Be gentle

If you have had a traumatic birth this may not be the best time to give him all of the gory details.  Yes there will be blood, but unless you are planning on him being at the birth (which is a legitimate plan) he probably is not at all interested in knowing exactly what it will look like in the delivery room. If he is interested in seeing it though, we’ve attached some videos at the bottom of the post.

  • Be willing to answer more questions about babies

How did the baby get in there? Will it hurt? Will she come out with a diaper on? Do babies cry a lot?

Anticipate some of her questions and use this time to sit down and have an age appropriate conversation about the birds and the bees. If you live in the Midwest you have the advantage and can use farm animals as the object lesson, it works every time!

  • Find some kid friendly birth videos to watch together

No, letting your six year old watch birth videos is not dangerous, illegal or weird. Who knows, they may grow up to be an OB!

Here are some of our favorite kid friendly birth photos and videos:

Please screen these yourself before having your children watch them (if that’s your preference)

Unmedicated births: http://codenamemama.com/2011/09/30/natural-birth-videos/

Home births: http://www.attachfromscratch.com/home-birth-videos.html#homebirthvideosforkids

Cesarean birth (this one is obviously more bloody, but it is still beautiful!): http://birthwithoutfearblog.com/2012/08/21/cesarean-birth-video/

Epidural birth: http://www.babble.com/pregnancy/a-great-short-video-of-an-epidural-birth/