What is a Doula?

The term doula comes from an ancient Greek term meaning “a woman who serves”.   Women have been supporting other women in labor and during postpartum for centuries.

Ok, that is nice, but what is a doula?

Doulas are like having your own private cheerleader, best friend, wedding planner, and maid of honor for your birth.

With Mid Kansas Doula Services, your doula team will spend valuable time with you before the birth helping you plan and prepare.  Only you know how you want to birth your baby, and we will be there to support you every step of the way.

Whether you are planning a hospital delivery, birth center birth, or home birth, the professional doulas of MKDS are willing and ready to work alongside the rest of your birth team.  We proudly serve clients in all hospitals and birth centers in Central Kansas. If you are planning a homebirth, please remember we are not medical professionals and we require a midwife to be present during the birth.

But what about dad?

“My husband will be there and he is so great, I don’t think I’ll need a doula.”

“I don’t want you to take the place of my husband, birth is such a great bonding time for us.”

“How will you support my partner? He wants to be an active participant.”

Perfect! Doulas are for Dads too! (Hint, there’s a blog post for you to read.)

Let us learn from you! Teach us how you envision your birth unfolding and let us know the things that are important to you.

Let us teach you! Are you unsure of something? Ask us! We have had the pleasure of learning about many aspects of birth and we’d love to talk about any scenarios you are curious about.

Let us get to know you! Schedule an interview with our doula team today and get to know what makes our doulas the most sought after team of doulas in this part of central Kansas.

What a doula doesn’t do:

  • Replace your husband or partner (or any other member of the birth team).
  • Perform any medical interventions, or give medical advice.
  • Inflict her own personal birth choices or decisions upon the expecting family.
  • Leave the laboring mom’s side, unless asked to.