Why Are Two Doulas Better than One?


I am sure you are thinking I am crazy. Two doulas? Why in the world would anyone need more than one doula?

However, as crazy as you think I am, the decision to only hire one doula is even crazier. Why is that? Here is one quick question that I think will put it all into perspective: what happens when you go into labor and your doula is sick?

Or, what if her kids are sick?

What if baby comes early and she is out of town?

What if…?
What if…?
What if…?

No matter the unfortunate events or timing that led you to this moment, you are now without a doula. Although, maybe your doula has planned for this and she is able to call in a backup. Who is this backup? What are they like and will they connect with you? What about your birth plan, do they know it as well as your doula did? In all likelihood, no they do not.

That is why at Mid Kansas Doula Services we have built into our Birth Doula package another doula. When you hire Mid Kansas Doula Services you get two doulas assigned to you, they share an on-call schedule and they are both available for your questions and concerns whenever you need them. Both are familiar with you, your partner, and your birth plan. By having two doulas your support is never interrupted, even when unforeseen things happen.

How does it feel to have one less “what if” to worry about? Maybe I’m not so crazy after all.