How to Turn Your Hospital Room Into a Spa


When you dream about your birth does it start to take the shape of a relaxing spa? We love when we hear nurses say things like ‘oh it feels like a spa in here!’ when they walk into client’s rooms.

Think about all of your senses when you’re planning the environment that you’ll be laboring in, sight, smell, sounds, taste and touch.

How are you planning on making your birth environment calming, peaceful and welcoming? Here are a few suggestions we have for you!

Dim the lights

Hospital rooms are very accommodating to this one! There are light switches everywhere which makes it helpful to brighten specific areas of the space while darkening others.

Grab some flameless candles

The BEST way to set the mood lighting is by adding flickering flameless candles around the room. The hospital doesn’t appreciate having open flames (think major fire hazard) but the battery operated ones are perfect for the job. Set them on the windowsill, on the bedside table and by the sink.

Bring your own handsoap

Unless you’ll be on bedrest, you’ll probably be up and moving quite a bit. This also means you’ll be using the bathroom often. Bring your own handsoap from home that your hands will thank you for!

Create a music playlist (or two)

Many of our clients LOVE to play music during labor. Prepping the playlist during the last few weeks of pregnancy can be something to help take your mind off of your seemingly never changing cervix. You can find music that changes from upbeat (early labor) to soft and relaxing (active labor/transition). Bonus is you can play baby those same songs at bedtime over the next few weeks/months!

Pack scented lotions and oils

Smells are important, but something very tricky for a laboring women. Something that smells wonderful to you doing early labor may be repulsive during transition. Plan for oils that have subtle fragrance, like coconut, and lotions that you know work well with your skin. Its not a good idea to plan to use a brand new scent you’ve never experienced before! Pick soft scents and keep in mind that your nursing staff may be sensitive or allergic to certain smells.

Invite your Acupuncturist

Acupuncture can help with numerous things during labor. We suggest Dr. Stacia Biel from Revive Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Chat with her before your due date and see if she’d be willing to join you when you arrive at the hospital.

How can your doula help?

Let us know how you envision your birth space and we can help you make your lists. Adding specifics about the space you will be laboring in can be a very important part of your birth plan. If a spa type atmosphere is what you are planning, let’s make it happen!