What It’s Like to be a Doula

Become a doula in Kansas

“That must be such a fun job!”…..”You’re so lucky to get to hold babies all day.”…..”A doula, is that like a midwife?”

Even as doulas, sometimes it is hard to describe what we do. Actually being a doula has very little to do with holding babies and everything to do with supporting the parents of these babies.

Here’s what its like to be a doula…

Being a doula means being willing to drop everything and fully focus on someone else in their moment.

It means that sometimes we get to stay up all night long and breathe through contractions with a laboring person.

…then we go home to our families and be the person our family needs us to be.

Being a doula means that you selflessly lift families up, remind them exactly how strong they are and allow them to push through the hardest moments of their lives.

Sometimes being a doula means that we see hard things. Really hard things.

It also means that we see wonderful things. Really wonderful things.

When you are a doula you come to each and every family as a clean slate. They write their story on an empty canvas as you watch, guide, listen and support.

There is no room for bias or opinions when you are here.

Oftentimes we leave completely drained because we have given someone else all of our strength and energy.

There are no magic tricks to being a successful doula.

This is not an easy task.

Oh but its so worth it.


There is no amount of training that can define you as a doula. What we do is a complete process of unlearning what we thought birth is about. It involves learning what it takes to be whole and complete but yet an empty vessel for a family. It doesn’t take an expert about human anatomy or the birth process to be a good doula.

Supportive. Unbiased. Nonjudgmental. Powerful.