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MKDS 2015 Statistics


Mid Kansas Doula Services is celebrating a birthday! We have officially been serving the Central Kansas area for one year. (Where has the time gone?!) After compiling all of the documents and gathering the data, we are excited to present to you our 2015 Mid Kansas Doula Services Statistics: +++++ Wait, wait, wait. Aren’t we going to talk about how many clients birthed their babies vaginally, via cesarean or by stork delivery? Aren’t we going to disclose how many clients…

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I’m Glad I Had a Doula When…..I Risked out of Homebirth

I’m glad a I had a doula when I risked out of homebirth. Last summer when I was preparing for the birth of my third baby (read the story on my personal blog here), I had envisioned a homebirth where my husband and I would be surrounded with our sons, doula, midwife and photographer.  Things were going smoothly during the pregnancy…… Until they weren’t Due to situations out of my control, I risked out of the homebirth we were planning.  I…

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Why Are Two Doulas Better than One?

  I am sure you are thinking I am crazy. Two doulas? Why in the world would anyone need more than one doula? However, as crazy as you think I am, the decision to only hire one doula is even crazier. Why is that? Here is one quick question that I think will put it all into perspective: what happens when you go into labor and your doula is sick? Or, what if her kids are sick? What if…

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