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5 Things I Know About Fear

Written by Ash Edwards of www.MountainStateMaternity.com It seems like the minute you announce your pregnancy, everyone has a story. You know, the story about that thing that happened to them during their pregnancy, birth, or postpartum period. A lot of the time, it’s pretty awful, and filled with anecdotes that inspire a deep seated fear of this newfound adventure you’re embarking on. These people mean well, of course. They only want to warn you of what to expect, but…

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Common Surprises during Labor and Delivery

  Childbirth is one of those times in your life that you can feel the most prepared and the most unprepared all at the same time. If you are anything like me, leading up to labor and delivery you switch back and forth between the two, feverishly writing and checking off lists. Still, no matter how prepared you are there can be a few surprises that come up when the time actually comes to bring your new baby into…

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