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Preparing Your Mind and Body for an Unmedicated Birth


You’ve decided that you want an unmedicated birth. You know it is how you want to bring your new baby into the world, but you are starting to feel a little lost and overwhelmed about how to prepare to labor unmedicated. There are many things that can happen during labor and delivery, and while there is no way to guarantee what yours will be like, we can give you a few suggestions on how to help you reach that…

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Six Reasons to add a Doula to Your Birth Team

  1 – Better outcomes for mother A study done in 20121 found that women who had uninterrupted support during labor were less likely to use pain medications. The need for vacuum or forceps to assist birth was also reduced. In addition, mother’s labor was an average of 40 minutes shorter. Negative feels about labor and delivery were reduced. The study also noted that when the individual providing the continuous support was neither part of the hospital or one…

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