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Preparing Your Mind and Body for an Unmedicated Birth


You’ve decided that you want an unmedicated birth. You know it is how you want to bring your new baby into the world, but you are starting to feel a little lost and overwhelmed about how to prepare to labor unmedicated. There are many things that can happen during labor and delivery, and while there is no way to guarantee what yours will be like, we can give you a few suggestions on how to help you reach that…

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Mind Your Own Cervix

Is everyone a little too concerned about the condition of your cervix these days? When a woman goes into labor, it is important that her birthing space is respected.  How can you trust that your own space isn’t invaded? First of all, what in the world is ‘Birth Space’? This is both the physical and non-physical atmosphere around your birth. It is easiest to describe the physical atmosphere around your birth.  This would include the place you labor and then eventually…

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