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Childbirth Education Classes

Today’s Modern, Evidenced Based Childbirth Class

Mid Kansas Doula Services knows that you have done your research, but we also know that nothing can replace hands on, focused preparation for your child’s birth. Our childbirth classes are judgment free, evidence based, unbiased childbirth education. They are designed to help you with the How, When, Why and What of birthing your child.

  1. How is that done?
  2. When would I need that?
  3. Why would I need that?
  4. What are my options?

Focusing on your needs while answering these questions allows MKDS to help guide you through the noise of information available to you. Our educators recognize the value of your time, that is why our entire series is three sessions long but each session can stand-alone. See a full list of our available classes below.

Childbirth Classes 1Preparing for Birth

A course designed to answer all of your questions leading up to childbirth. There is a focus on creating your birth plan (verbal or written), packing your hospital bag, and common prenatal testing procedures. The class also discusses birth partner communication. You will both learn how your partner can assist and participate in childbirth.

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Childbirth Classes 2Giving Birth

This class is contains all of the need-to-know information you will need to prepare for childbirth. This is a three-hour class for those families that want information about fetal positions, the labor process, and more but in a condensed and concise manner. Other topics covered include the three stages of labor, positions for labor and birth, and non-medical pain relief and comfort measures.

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Childbirth classes 3Pain Relief, Interventions and the Welcoming Hour

This class is a great follow-up to the Giving Birth class or as a stand-alone for experienced parents that want more information about their options. Couples will learn more about the medical pain relief options available as well as interventions available during labor and delivery. This class also covers VBAC births and the Welcoming Hour after baby is born.

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Full Series

Included in the full series is the three classes Preparing for Birth, Giving Birth, and Pain Relief, Interventions and the Welcoming Hour. At MKDS, we truly believe that taking all three classes will give you the best, well-rounded childbirth education. Use code FULLSERIES when you register and receive a discount.

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PersonalizedPersonalized Classes

Are you interested in a one-on-one personalized class that only covers what you need to learning? We do that too! We customized these classes to meet your specific needs. You can choose between a multitude of class structure options and the class can be held at any agreed upon location.

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Classes are held at Revive Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Located at 620 E. 30th Avenue #100, Hutchinson, KS 67502.

Space is limited in order to create a friendly and close atmosphere. We want you to feel comfortable learning and asking questions during the class. Should the class need to be cancelled or rescheduled, you will be notified between 24 to 2 hours before the beginning of the class via the email provided during checkout. Include a phone number in the notes section of checkout if you would like to receive a call about changes or cancellation of the class.