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Birth Plan Creation Service


Are you feeling overwhelmed about the many choices and procedures possible for the upcoming birth of your child? Unsure if you really want a doula to attend your labor but would like someone to help walk you through all the information you are finding? Then the Birth Plan Creation Services are for you!

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After purchase you will have the opportunity to download our Birth Plan Creation Checklist. We will contact you for a date and time that we can meet in person or virtually to answer questions. During this meeting we will map out your desires for your child’s upcoming birth.

Within two weeks of that visit you will receive an electronic copy of your birth plan. This birth plan can be in either visual or text format. It will be written in a concise and simple manner for easy reference by you, your partner and your birth team. Unlimited edits requested within the first 2 weeks after delivery are included!

If at any time after your plan consultation you can decide that you would like to have the support of one of our doulas, either in person or virtually, as a part of your birth team, the $50 fee is credited to the purchase of any of our Birth Doula packages.


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