Who is the Photographer Behind this Photo?

Chances are, you’ve seen this photo floating around the internet over the last few weeks

Chosen as one of the best birth photos of 2015 from the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers contest. This picture has not only gained a lot of attention over the past few weeks but it has sparked quite a bit of emotion about birth.

We will eventually share the story behind the photo. Today however, we want to tell you about the photographer behind this powerful image.


Nisly family - birth photos

Hi my name is Kalene and I was Florida raised but Kansas has my heart.

I developed my photography business right as I was moving Since I was trading the Gulf of Mexico for big sky country, I named my business in honor of those two muses. And Blue Muse Photography was born. My husband Jason and I are currently renovating our third house which we have a love/hate relationship with. We have two clever, feisty girls Emerson and Eowyn who leave us exhausted and madly in love at the end of each day.

I never thought or knew much about birth before having my first daughter but after that, everything changed.

Thankfully, I was blessed to have an empowering birth that changed my perspective on life and being a woman. That is when I knew I needed more of it in my life but had only been exposed to the idea of birth photography briefly by seeing a post about the International Association of Birth Photographers contest a few years back. The more I thought about it, the more I knew I had to try it so I texted a pregnant friend and basically invited myself to her birth. After that time, there was no going back.

The thing that keeps me coming back again and again, despite the long hours and stress of being on call, is the sacredness of it.

I don’t know how else to describe it but there’s always something so set apart about those moments. Like the veil between the everyday and the something More is thinner. That and seeing women be total rock stars every single time. I book all types of birth and love them all. Hospital, birth center, home! I have yet to get in for a c-section and it’s totally on my bucket list but our local hospital isn’t quite there yet. ***edited to update that recently Kalene was able to photograph a beautiful cesarean birth at the local hospital! Visit her Facebook page for details!***


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Are you ready to book Blue Muse for your upcoming birth? Email Kalene at info@bluemusephoto.com