Dos And Don’ts Of Packing Your Hospital Bag


Packing your hospital bag for the upcoming arrival of your child can be a bit overwhelming, so we have decided to help with a few quick tips to get you started!

DO pack your favorite lip balm/chap stick. Chances are your lips are going to get dry and chapped during delivery. Also consider bringing facial cleansing wipes and lotion.

DON’T worry about bringing pads to the hospital unless you just don’t want to use the ones they have there. The pads at the hospital are made for postpartum bleeding unlike the store bought variety.

DO pack your bag with your partner and doula in mind. They are probably going to be running to it to grab things for you, so make them easy to find.

DON’T forget to pack your phone/tablet/laptop chargers. The hospital will most likely have Wifi but a dead battery will quickly put a halt to your ability to take and share pictures.

DO pack your favorite toiletries, but also know that many times the hospital has extras on hand just in case (they just might not be what you like!)

DON’T forget to pack your birth plan. If it is longer than a page we suggest typing up a version that has the most important things to you front and center. Many times nurses will hang your plan somewhere and having the highest priorities readable at first glance is helpful. If you need help creating one contact us!

DO have your partner pack a bag of essentials too. He could always leave and get what he needs but it is nice to have some key items on hand in the hospital room.

DON’T over pack. Most hospital stays are no more than 48 hrs unless you have a cesarean section and having to wade through a bunch of extra stuff to get what you need is aggravating.

DO pack comfy, dark clothing. Many times women experience swelling from the IV fluid postpartum and dark clothing is less likely to stain if postpartum bleeding leaks through.

DON’T forget your insurance information. Your photo ID and a small amount of cash are good to bring too.

DO pack socks or slippers. Hospital floors are cold. (Remind your partner too!)

DON’T forget to pack your sleeping must haves. This could be your favorite pillow(s) and/or blanket. The hospital has these things, but they are not always the most comfortable.

At a loss of where to even start? Check out our printable starter list of what to bring to the hospital.