Natural Interventions, are they better?

You know they say an average month lasts thirty days, except the last month of pregnancy which lasts forever. While it isn’t true, it sure can feel like it. As those days keep ticking by and baby doesn’t make an appearance you may start looking into natural ways to speed things up. But are these natural interventions any better or safer for you and baby than medical interventions?

Honestly, no.

Natural interventions are still interventions. Besides anecdotal evidence, most of these remedies carry very little evidence that they are actually effective. By taking the advice of an old wives tale, your neighbor or Google you run the risk of making yourself more uncomfortable. Or worse, interfering with your body’s timing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, interventions whether natural or medical can and do have their place. However, it is really important to only implement them under the direction of a professional. If you are thinking about using a herbal supplement seek out your OB/Midwife or a herbalist for advice. Hoping to add some essential oils to your routine to get things moving? Connect with a clinical aromatherapist to be sure you are using them correctly and following proper dilution recommendations. Wanting to add sex or increase your exercise? Both of those things can be great for you, but make sure you are cleared by your care provider for activity and that you aren’t pushing yourself to do something that you aren’t comfortable with. Listen to your body and follow its cues.

It is important to remember to ask these professional about side effects, and not just the potential labor inducing ones. Many of these options can have negative side effects and before you embark down the natural intervention pathway with the guidance of your provider, it is still important to be informed about the potential risks. Just like with medical interventions it is very important to weight these risks in contrast to the benefits you hope to reap. Informed decisions are the best kind of decisions.