I’m Glad I Had a Doula When…..I Risked out of Homebirth

I’m glad a I had a doula when I risked out of homebirth.

Last summer when I was preparing for the birth of my third baby (read the story on my personal blog here), I had envisioned a homebirth where my husband and I would be surrounded with our sons, doula, midwife and photographer.  Things were going smoothly during the pregnancy……

Until they weren’t

Due to situations out of my control, I risked out of the homebirth we were planning.  I was 35 weeks into my pregnancy.  It was time to rewrite my birth plan, explain to my sons (who were 3 and 5 at the time) that their sister wasn’t going to be born at home, and call my backup doctor.  None of those tasks were easy and I never once felt like I had to do them alone.

Thankfully I had my doula.

The midwife I had hired has a doula on staff.  When I hired them she acted like it was odd that I would want to bring my own doula when there was already one built into the birth team.  I am sure glad I brought my own doula! After I switched back to my doctor, I never once heard from the ‘built in’ doula again.

My doula worked for ME. She didn’t work for my midwife, my doctor, hospital or anyone else.

What my doula didn’t do:

  • She didn’t try to cure me
  • She didn’t suggest I get a second opinion
  • She didn’t make me feel like my body was failing me
  • She didn’t give me hospital horror stories

What did my doula do?

  • She let me cry
  • She reminded me that I was still in charge of my birth
  • She encouraged me
  • She helped me rewrite my birth plan
  • She believed in me

 As a doula, one of the best things I did for my own birth was hire a doula.

Do you have an amazing doula story? We’d love to hear from you, give her (or him!) a shout out.