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  • Tell me more about doulas.

To better explain the doula role as part of your birth team it is helpful to know the origin of the word “doula.”The term doula comes from an ancient Greek term meaning “a woman who serves”. Doulas are like having your own private cheerleader, best friend, wedding planner, and maid of honor for your birth. Want to know more? Check out our blog post “What is a Doula?” For more information on what a Doula is and isn’t read “Your Doula is Not a Superhero” and “Why We Will Not be Your Advocate”. Want to read more? Check out “Six Reasons to Add a Doula to Your Birth Team” and  “Why Are Two Doulas Better than One?” to learn even more about the benefits that MKDS doulas can provide you.


  • How far will you travel? Do you charge travel fees?

We serve families in all of Central Kansas including El Dorado, Great Bend, Hutchinson, Lyons, McPherson, Newton, Pratt, Salina, Wellington, Winfield, Wichita, Yoder, and surrounding areas.  There is no additional charge for travel fees for births within our service area.  If you are located outside of our area, please visit with us and we will try to accommodate you.


  • What training have you had? Are you certified doulas?

All of our doulas are professionally trained and insured.  It is a requirement of all of our doulas to be certified or actively seeking certification.


  • What services do you provide? 

Everything that is included in our services can be found here. At the initial consultation, you will meet two of our doulas and we hope that we get to meet your partner as well! During that visit, we will answer any questions the two of you may have.  After the contract is signed, we will arrange a prenatal meeting where we will discuss your views and goals surrounding your birth.  We will even help you write a birth plan if you’d like!



  • What is your role during a birth? How will you include my partner in the birth process?

Your doula helps your partner help you. We can provide whatever level of service and comfort you desire. If you need a lot of ‘hands on’ support, great! If emotional support is what you need most she is there for you as well. We will also make sure your partner is eating, drinking and resting properly.


  • What do you expect from me?

We do require a signed contract with your deposit.  This ensures that you are protected, as well as Mid Kansas Doula Services as an agency.  We do ask that you have open and clear communication with your care providers and that you update your doula team with necessary information about your pregnancy or health.