Is Your Doula Really a Stranger?

Not many people like the idea of a stranger standing by their bed and watching their intimate moments pass by.

What if those intimate moments were the birth of your child and that stranger was actually no stranger at all?

A Doula

Is she a stranger?

Before this pregnancy you had little knowledge of doulas. It wasn’t until you took that class and learned the benefits of a doula that you were even interested in having coffee with this woman you found online.

Your husband is hesitant.

“Why would you want to replace me?”

“I’m not sure I want a stranger there.”

But he loves you and sees how much having a doula means to you and he agrees to at least meet her.

She’s warm.  She’s kind.  She loves the same type of chai latte that you do. This is feeling somewhat less stranger-ish. You spend more than an hour chatting about everything, not just birth. You can tell she is knowledgeable and you feel more confident about labor just talking to her.

When she talks to your husband she looks him in the eye. She asks him questions about what he sees his role in the birth being.  The doula makes it very apparent that she has absolutely no intention of replacing your husband at your baby’s birth. It is his baby too!

Then one night, when you can’t sleep, your brain starts getting ahead of you and now you’re wide awake.  You call your doula and she answers with a chipper “Hello!”.  Ha no other stranger you know seems so happy to hear from you at 2:00am.

Labor has officially started and the first person your husband calls is your doula.

Both of you feel a sense of relaxation when she walks into the room and finds a place beside your bed.

She’s there and she doesn’t leave.

She understands you and she believes in you.

She is no stranger, she is your Doula.