Your Doula is Not a Superhero

Do you want to know a secret?

Your doula is not a Superhero. She cannot protect you from birth, from your care provider, or from the system.

The doulas at Mid Kansas Doula Services do provide complete and nonjudgmental support to you during your pregnancy, birth and even after birth.

Our doulas do not have personal agendas.  We don’t keep statistics such as how many cesarean births we’ve attended, how many of our clients elect to have pain medication, or who has chosen to not wear the hospital’s gown.

Why? Because this is YOUR birth, not ours. We will never tell you that we believe your choices go against evidence. If you are happy with your choices then your doula is too.

We work for you.  It warrants being said again, your doula works for you. She does not work against your care provider, birth partner or your birth location.  We are not set out to fix a healthcare system that some people believe is broken.

Then what do we do? We support you. We allow you the freedom to write your own birth story and we do that without judgment.  If you tell us you are unhappy with your care provider then we will remind you that it is never too late to switch. If you tell us that you are just DONE being pregnant and you’ve scheduled your birth, you bet that your doula will never bat an eye, speak behind your back, or try and convince you otherwise.

We guarantee one thing when it comes to your birth, and that is that your doula supports you. Unconditionally.

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