Dads and Doulas

Did you know that the doula isn’t just for the mom? We are there for the whole family! So why would you, as the father, care about hiring a doula? You won’t be the one in labor, but you will still need support! What are some ways that a doula can support you, the dad, through the birth of your child?

  1. We can give you a break.

    Yes of course you don’t want to leave your partner’s side, but sometimes you may need to (or want to, that’s okay!) With a MKDS doula present, you won’t have to worry about leaving her alone while you take a breather.

  2. We can grab you things.

    In contrast to #1, is there something that you need but you don’t want to leave your partners side? There may not be a nurse available, and let’s face it you aren’t going to ask the doc. But you can ask us!

  3. We can ease your mind.

    Lots of things happen during birth, some things are common and some things aren’t. MKDS doulas don’t just help prepare mom for to expect or what is normal, we help you too. While this may not be your first child, but every labor and delivery are different. Ask us questions, we are here for you too!

  4. We remember.

    When it comes down to go time we will remember the breathing techniques and birth plan that were discussed weeks (maybe even months) ago. So don’t worry, if you forget something as the labor coach we will be there to back you up. Consider us your labor and delivery cheat sheet.

  5. We won’t replace you.

    A doula’s role is never ever one that replaces your role in your child’s birth. We are there to hold space, to be available when you need us and the melt into the background when you don’t.

And there you have it, just a few reasons why doulas are for dads too!