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Where Were They?

Unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure you have heard about the tragic events at Disney World in Orlando. Déjà vu kicks in here, since not even three weeks ago our social media outlets were covering a similar incident in Cincinnati. Both are terrible, terrible events that took place in locations that are otherwise considered safe, family friendly places. No one expects to watch their child be dragged around by a gorilla at the zoo. No…

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“Where do Babies Come From?”

What do you say when your older child asks how the new baby is going to come out of your body? You’re not a new mom. You’ve got this whole thing figured out. Your first child prepared you for what’s to come…..diaper blowouts, sleepless nights, Cheerios on the floor, morning cuddles and that first “I love you”. But you were NOT prepared for THIS question! “Mommy, how is Baby going to come out of your tummy?” Here’s how we suggest…

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8 Things You’ll Want as a Breastfeeding Mom

Are you pregnant and planning to breastfeed your new babe? Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to get everything together to make sure things are perfect for your new breastfeeding relationship. Here are some of the things that the doulas at Mid Kansas Doula Services suggest having on hand that may make breastfeeding a little easier. A support system While not absolutely necessary, a support system is very important to many breastfeeding relationships. What views does your partner have about breastfeeding?…

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