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What is a Traumatic Birth? *Trigger Warning*

Traumatic Birth

*I want to give a brief trigger warning here. Traumatic birth is real and raw. You can heal from it, but it needs to be on your own time. If this post is too much for you right now, don’t read it. <3 Katie * What does it mean when someone says they had a traumatic birth?  Does that mean she didn’t get the birth she hoped for, she had a cesarean section or an epidural? No. Birth is…

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The Ultimate Mom’s Guide to Hutchinson


Sometimes it can feel like you are stuck in an activity rut! So, to help you get out of that rut we have compiled a list of the 20 places in Hutchinson that you can enjoy with the kids! 1. Cosmosphere A lot of people think of the Cosmosphere as a purely big kid thing, but you can also take your younger kids for a stroll through their air conditioned/heated museum just to get some energy out. Sure they won’t…

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Why Can’t I Trust My Doctor?

“Just do your homework about it.” “Make an educated decision.” “Do your research and decide for yourself.” “When you know better you do better.” It is so easy to get overwhelmed with the vast amount of information available on the internet. The internet is a wonderful resource, sometimes. Then there are times when you can get lost in the black hole of this vast web and all of the choices can start to feel overwhelming. From the moment a…

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Preparing Your Mind and Body for an Unmedicated Birth


You’ve decided that you want an unmedicated birth. You know it is how you want to bring your new baby into the world, but you are starting to feel a little lost and overwhelmed about how to prepare to labor unmedicated. There are many things that can happen during labor and delivery, and while there is no way to guarantee what yours will be like, we can give you a few suggestions on how to help you reach that…

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5 Things I Know About Fear

Written by Ash Edwards of www.MountainStateMaternity.com It seems like the minute you announce your pregnancy, everyone has a story. You know, the story about that thing that happened to them during their pregnancy, birth, or postpartum period. A lot of the time, it’s pretty awful, and filled with anecdotes that inspire a deep seated fear of this newfound adventure you’re embarking on. These people mean well, of course. They only want to warn you of what to expect, but…

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How to Turn Your Hospital Room Into a Spa


When you dream about your birth does it start to take the shape of a relaxing spa? We love when we hear nurses say things like ‘oh it feels like a spa in here!’ when they walk into client’s rooms. Think about all of your senses when you’re planning the environment that you’ll be laboring in, sight, smell, sounds, taste and touch. How are you planning on making your birth environment calming, peaceful and welcoming? Here are a few…

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Talk20 Hutch: Have You Found Your Tribe?


On Friday July 22nd, I presented at Talk20 Hutch. Talk20 Hutch is an event where 10 presenters tell a story using 20 slides and spending only 20 seconds per slide. Trying to tell a story in 6 minutes and 40 seconds is no easy task, but everyone did an amazing job. None of us knew what any of the other presenters were planning on talking about but pretty quickly it became apparent that the unofficial theme of the night…

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Natural Interventions, are they better?

You know they say an average month lasts thirty days, except the last month of pregnancy which lasts forever. While it isn’t true, it sure can feel like it. As those days keep ticking by and baby doesn’t make an appearance you may start looking into natural ways to speed things up. But are these natural interventions any better or safer for you and baby than medical interventions? Honestly, no. Natural interventions are still interventions. Besides anecdotal evidence, most of…

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Believe What You Say

What do you say when your little one trips and falls? You tell them it’s okay. You tell them to try again. You say, I’m right here and I believe in you. Believe what you say.  What about when they think they can’t? You tell them they can do anything they want. You tell them they are capable and strong and smart. You take their hand and you lead them through. You show them that they can so that…

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What Happens When You Stop Judging Other Moms?

You’ve been there. Your friend posts a picture of her cutie pie in the car. Your eyes start darting and focusing on every corner of the picture. Is the vehicle moving? Is he rear facing? Is his chest clip where it needs to be? Maybe I should send her a quick message. You know what I’m talking about, the kind of message that’s called the ‘compliment sandwich’. Step one, tell her how adorable her kid is. Then tell her…

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