8 Things You’ll Want as a Breastfeeding Mom

Are you pregnant and planning to breastfeed your new babe?

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to get everything together to make sure things are perfect for your new breastfeeding relationship.

Here are some of the things that the doulas at Mid Kansas Doula Services suggest having on hand that may make breastfeeding a little easier.

  • A support system

    While not absolutely necessary, a support system is very important to many breastfeeding relationships. What views does your partner have about breastfeeding? How does your family feel about it? If things are hard do you know where to find help? Many hospitals have Lactation Consultants on staff or know how to find you one if you need.

  •   Good bras 

    You may want to invest in a couple of new bras that are designed for breastfeeding mothers.  Nursing bras either snap down or adjust easily in order to make feeding a hungry baby easier.  You will probably need to wear bras to sleep in for the first few weeks/months so keep comfort in mind.  Make sure you look for bras that don’t have an under wire in them!

  • Nipple Cream

    Its a matter of fact, the sensitive skin on your nipples will be under a lot more use then what its probably accustomed to.  Have a great baby-friendly nipple cream helps moisturize your skin in between feedings and will hopefully keep your nipples from drying and cracking (yes that happens, yes its ‘normal’, no its not fun).

  • Breast pads

    Sometimes new moms are surprised about how much their milk leaks after it comes in! You will want to find some reliable breast pads to stuff into your new maternity bras.  You can buy (or make) reusable breast pads, and the disposable ones are usually in the baby isle of the grocery stores.

  • Hot/Cold packs

     Hot packs are nice to have to help with letting down of milk. This is especially helpful if you are having difficulties relaxing enough to get an adequate milk supply.  Cold compresses come in handy when your breasts are sore due to overproduction or if you’re trying to wean the baby off of the breast.  To make it easy, you can even buy packs that work as both hot and cold.

  • Pumping Necessities

    Are you planning on exclusively pumping or returning to work? Making sure you have a good working pump, something to store the milk in (bags or bottles) and a hands free bra will help!

  • Snacks

    This may be our most favorite item of them all. FOOD! Keep lots of high protein super foods handy when you’re nursing. Nuts, cheese, yogurt and oatmeal are some of our favorites.  You are still eating for two people and now isn’t the time to stress over losing any of that baby weight.

  • Water

    Adequate water intake is vital to any breastfeeding relationship.  Keep fresh water close by and make sure you are replacing all (and then some) of the fluids the baby is receiving from you.  You need to drink water to make milk!

Did we miss anything? What did you feel was necessary to your breastfeeding relationship? Let us know in the comments, we love hearing from you!