The Best Place for Placenta Encapsulation in Kansas

Where is the absolute best place in the entire state of Kansas to have your placenta encapsulated?

The answer may actually surprise you. 

Where can you be undeniably sure about what is in your capsules? (No additives, fillers or parts of someone else’s placenta)

A place that allows you absolute privacy while allowing you to rest and relax. After all, you did just have a baby.

Somewhere that allows you to watch any parts of the process you’d like to watch, or none at all. Its your choice!

Where can you have your placenta encapsulation done where the Specialist preparing it is available to answer any questions about safety, usage and the process?

This place is welcoming, relaxing, comfortable and feels like…home. 

Your home.

Believe it or not, the best (and safest) place for your encapsulation is in your own home. The place where you and your family are most comfortable. Free from any outside contaminants, your capsules are guaranteed to be only your own and not contain any fillers or additives. Knowing that the entire process is done in the privacy of your own home can ease any concerns you might have about the cleanliness of the environment.

While your capsules are being prepared, you can feel free to nap, rest, grab a snack or just sit and cuddle with your new baby. Those that are interested in the process can watch or ask questions as they arise.

When you hire a Mid Kansas Doula Services Postpartum Placenta Specialist, you know that you are getting safest service available. It is our policy to prepare all capsules in our client’s homes and we have good reason for it!

I Want This!

Placenta services are available in Wichita, Hutchinson, Yoder, Lyons, McPherson, Great Bend, Salina, Hays and surrounding areas in central Kansas.