Believe What You Say

What do you say when your little one trips and falls? You tell them it’s okay. You tell them to try again. You say, I’m right here and I believe in you.

Believe what you say. 

What about when they think they can’t? You tell them they can do anything they want. You tell them they are capable and strong and smart. You take their hand and you lead them through. You show them that they can so that next time they don’t need you. And then you say I knew you could do it along.

Believe what you say.

What about when they fail? You find yourself comforting them. Telling them that part of being capable and strong and smart is not getting things quite right every singe time. You know that failure helps them grow and you tell them not to fear failure. 

Believe what you say.

And when before your eyes you see them succeed? You beam with pride. You tell them how proud you are, how amazing they did, and you hug them tight. You are doing a great job instilling confidence in them and teaching them how to extend grace to others. Now go one step further.

Show them how to receive and create grace for themselves.

All these things that you tell your children, remember to tell yourself. Being a mother is hard. You’re going to trip, you’re going to fall. There are going to be times when you feel like a failure, but nobody’s perfect. Tomorrow is a new day. You’re going to succeed and we believed in you all along.

Believe in yourself.

Believe what you say.

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Co-Owner and Doula at Mid Kansas Doula Services
Michele is a co-owner and doula for Mid Kansas Doula Services. Besides being a doula she also teaches Childbirth Education classes in Hutchinson, Kansas and surrounding areas. When she isn't working she spends time with her two daughters and husband in Hutchinson, where they live, enjoying the outdoors.