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What Happens When You Stop Judging Other Moms?

You’ve been there. Your friend posts a picture of her cutie pie in the car. Your eyes start darting and focusing on every corner of the picture. Is the vehicle moving? Is he rear facing? Is his chest clip where it needs to be? Maybe I should send her a quick message. You know what I’m talking about, the kind of message that’s called the ‘compliment sandwich’. Step one, tell her how adorable her kid is. Then tell her…

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“Where do Babies Come From?”

What do you say when your older child asks how the new baby is going to come out of your body? You’re not a new mom. You’ve got this whole thing figured out. Your first child prepared you for what’s to come…..diaper blowouts, sleepless nights, Cheerios on the floor, morning cuddles and that first “I love you”. But you were NOT prepared for THIS question! “Mommy, how is Baby going to come out of your tummy?” Here’s how we suggest…

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MKDS 2015 Statistics


Mid Kansas Doula Services is celebrating a birthday! We have officially been serving the Central Kansas area for one year. (Where has the time gone?!) After compiling all of the documents and gathering the data, we are excited to present to you our 2015 Mid Kansas Doula Services Statistics: +++++ Wait, wait, wait. Aren’t we going to talk about how many clients birthed their babies vaginally, via cesarean or by stork delivery? Aren’t we going to disclose how many clients…

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I’m Glad I Had a Doula When…..I Risked out of Homebirth

I’m glad a I had a doula when I risked out of homebirth. Last summer when I was preparing for the birth of my third baby (read the story on my personal blog here), I had envisioned a homebirth where my husband and I would be surrounded with our sons, doula, midwife and photographer.  Things were going smoothly during the pregnancy…… Until they weren’t Due to situations out of my control, I risked out of the homebirth we were planning.  I…

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8 Things You’ll Want as a Breastfeeding Mom

Are you pregnant and planning to breastfeed your new babe? Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to get everything together to make sure things are perfect for your new breastfeeding relationship. Here are some of the things that the doulas at Mid Kansas Doula Services suggest having on hand that may make breastfeeding a little easier. A support system While not absolutely necessary, a support system is very important to many breastfeeding relationships. What views does your partner have about breastfeeding?…

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Who is the Photographer Behind this Photo?

Chances are, you’ve seen this photo floating around the internet over the last few weeks Chosen as one of the best birth photos of 2015 from the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers contest. This picture has not only gained a lot of attention over the past few weeks but it has sparked quite a bit of emotion about birth. We will eventually share the story behind the photo. Today however, we want to tell you about the photographer behind this…

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Is Your Doula Really a Stranger?

Not many people like the idea of a stranger standing by their bed and watching their intimate moments pass by. What if those intimate moments were the birth of your child and that stranger was actually no stranger at all? A Doula Is she a stranger? Before this pregnancy you had little knowledge of doulas. It wasn’t until you took that class and learned the benefits of a doula that you were even interested in having coffee with this…

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Your Doula is Not a Superhero

Do you want to know a secret? Your doula is not a Superhero. She cannot protect you from birth, from your care provider, or from the system. The doulas at Mid Kansas Doula Services do provide complete and nonjudgmental support to you during your pregnancy, birth and even after birth. Our doulas do not have personal agendas.  We don’t keep statistics such as how many cesarean births we’ve attended, how many of our clients elect to have pain medication, or who has…

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Mind Your Own Cervix

Is everyone a little too concerned about the condition of your cervix these days? When a woman goes into labor, it is important that her birthing space is respected.  How can you trust that your own space isn’t invaded? First of all, what in the world is ‘Birth Space’? This is both the physical and non-physical atmosphere around your birth. It is easiest to describe the physical atmosphere around your birth.  This would include the place you labor and then eventually…

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